How did it all start..

Aug 2021 on a Saturday , I am getting ready to consult a paediatrician at 11:30AM as my daughter , Hansa, 7yrs old was showing fever from last 2 days . While I am getting ready with the prev reports , the younger kid’s breakfast and house stuff before leaving home , I asked Hansa to fresh up and have milk and breakfast . 

I am done with everything and just went to see if my daughter has done her breakfast , she is deeply immersed into her mobile with her tired eyes and no breakfast no milk and the time is 11:30AM . Neither she sensed her hunger nor her fatigue , just addicted on the videos which she watched for at least 6 to 7 hours every day . 

That moment , I lost my controls and started beating and yelling at her for having such an addiction towards mobile and keeping her stomach empty for so many hours that too with fever . She started acting of crying , I got even more frustrated and gave her more slaps for acting . Few seconds later , the scene suddenly changed when she started being breathless , suffocating and unable to stand on her feet , I had been foolish still thinking she is acting and gave one more slap to stop acting , poor one she is unable to talk and stand and hugged me showing up on her eyes its true she is suffocating . Goosebumps on ! to me realizing she was in serious trouble , don’t know how and why what happened , rushed to open area out of my house , exposed to good oxygen , gave some water , after 15min , she settled back normal. 

I rushed to doctor and explained the situation , I am petrified hearing its called breath holding spell is when a child holds their breath, usually after being angry, frustrated, startled, or in pain and can lead to child passing away at times. It comes up with child with uncontrolled emotions in kids .

My heart sunk totally with regret for not realising the pain my child had undergone and realised the frustration , anger , emotions which are uncontrolled are my reflections she got used until this moment in her life . I started looking back on my parenting , I had only frustrations on her , poor one how can she control her frustration when I have shown only that to her. 

That night I couldn't sleep in regret with heavy heart , I apologised her ,I firmed up my mind to fix this problem first and move to anything in my life , nothing is important than fixing this problem .

I started looking at the root causes , my 24*7 job was the culprit where I have no time for any emotions or a specific routine to follow , which gave no time for myself or my kids. 

I resigned my job , I started spending time with my kid , regulated first my emotions and she reflected same control , I have used couple of techniques to get her into a self controlled , self manageable , healthy , disciplined routine after 2months . I am so delighted to see drastic change in the way we communicated , the relation, love we carried . I realised the power of positive parenting . Thanks to God for throwing me this opportunity to remind back the fact that I am working to make my family happy . It cant be the other way and kids need positive parenting .

This event changed me to think of my Life's goal , which made me to think of other children who would be struggling like my kids and the parents who could not give much time due their commitment though they know they need to spend time with their kids but helplessly couldn't. That's the start of "FLY HIGH " enabling children to make right choices on their own , become leaders of their own successful future , builders , architects of their mindset.